Regional Advantages

The Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association (EDA) is driving regional collaboration and works with six communities in the region (the City of Leduc and Leduc County, the Towns of Beaumont, Calmar, and Thorsby, and the Village of Warburg ). The Leduc-Nisku EDA formulates and leads strategies for the sustainable development of economic wealth within the region.

The region’s emerging Aerotropolis is at the forefront of these collaborative economic development strategies with new sector advancements and infrastructure enhancements. The Aerotropolis expansion builds upon the existing development centered on and around the Edmonton International Airport, and will establish new economic clusters. Planned over a 30 year period, the opportunity for growth is significant with over 5,000 acres of new net developable land available, adding up to 35,000 direct new jobs and generating $11.3 B in GDP on top of the current estimated $7 B in GDP already generated in the region.

Manufacturing has developed into a dynamic sector that supports the agri-business, bio-industrial, energy, and transportation industries in the Leduc Region. There is a growing need for advanced manufacturing businesses to support the growth of new industries focused on aerospace and clean technologies.

Fueling future growth, the clean tech sector is poised to continue its rapid expansion as sustainable technologies continue to push boundaries. The Leduc region has prioritized opportunities for companies who produce technologies that reduce negative impacts on the environment. The region is strategically positioned to support business growth in all facets of clean tech, including bio industrial products and processes as well as renewable and non-renewable energy production.

Agriculture business is the longest standing industry in the Leduc Region. Building on its rich history of farming expertise, The Leduc-Nisku EDA is concentrating on developing the agribusiness cluster that is focused on complete utilization of products they produce. Home to the Agri-Value Processing Business Incubator and Food Processing Development Centre, the agriculture cluster continues to prosper with bio industrial production facilities using new crops, new processes and leveraging new technologies.

Aerospace and Aviation represent one of the most exciting opportunities in the region for investment. Still in its infancy, there is vast potential for growth with one of Canada’s most advanced aviation training facilities already at the Edmonton International Airport. With the continued development of the Aerotropolis, Aerospace is a targeted economic cluster in areas of research, development, design, manufacturing and education.

Energy still holds an abundance of opportunity. The Leduc-Nisku region holds some of the most cutting edge environmental technology used in the world’s oil and gas market. The Canmet ENERGY Research Centre is located in Devon and is a centre for research and innovation in Alberta’s energy industry. This combined with the region’s ever expanding renewables sector makes Energy a very attractive industry for investment. Consider the opportunities to leverage the existing manufacturing supply chain to build efficient and innovative systems, expand your business and utilize the skilled labour and technology available to capitalize on this move to renewables. Industries in wind, solar, bio-fuel systems, geo-thermal and many more can leverage the existing supply chain to their advantage.

The future of the Leduc region is brighter than ever and is ushering in a new era focused on an existing entrepreneurial eco-system and value added processes. With the emerging Aerotropolis plan, there is limitless opportunity to invest in the region and see your business prosper.


The Edmonton International Airport (EIA)

Edmonton Airports is a community-based, financially independent, non-share corporation that manages Edmonton International Airport —  the fastest growing and largest (by area) major Canadian airport. Edmonton International Airport serves over eight million passengers per year and offers non-stop connections to over 60 destinations across Canada, the US and overseas.

In addition to EIA’s passenger operations, Edmonton Airports also oversees EIA’s air cargo operations, based out of the airport’s new multi-tenant ‘Cargo Village.’ It also manages Villeneuve Airport, a general aviation facility located northwest of Edmonton which serves as the primary flight-training facility for the Capital Region.

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Invest Alberta

Invest Alberta is your one-stop government connection to doing business in Alberta. Through our extensive network of international and local contacts, our team of investment professionals provides a centralized, coordinated service to support foreign investors throughout the investment and business expansion process. Invest Alberta works closely with Alberta’s international offices to introduce companies to the benefits of investing in Alberta, and help investors develop the business relationships you need to succeed.

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Invest Canada

Invest Canada is a federal agency that helps global businesses navigate Canada’s investment landscape. They bring together industry, community partners and all levels of government to provide seamless service for expansion and investment in Canada.

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Edmonton Global

Edmonton Global is the first fully regional economic development company for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and was incorporated June 9, 2017.

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Edmonton can best be described as quietly confident. Bold and brash has never been our style. We put our energy into getting things done and always have. Nestled in the heart of western Canada’s prairie, 1.3 million people call Alberta’s capital city home. We could go on to tell you why we love Edmonton, but it’s truly better to experience what 18 hours of sunlight a day feels like in the summer, or how the first snowfall paints our river valley like an artist’s infinite canvas.

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