Bio Industrial


Known for our energy, the Leduc Region is the center for the hard work that gets done in the energy industry. Whether it’s manufacturing, logistics, transportation, supply, sales or service. When it comes to energy it gets done here. But it’s not just about energy, it’s about building energy. The innovation, creativity, technology and skills that make the products and services that drive any business can be built here.

Creation of a bio-based venture is a complex process in any economy. Choosing where to incubate your concept or expand an established company is a crucial decision. Many companies are choosing the province of Alberta in Canada, thanks to our bio industrial strengths.

These include:

  • Abundant, renewable biomass resources.
  • A flourishing bioindustry. Approx. 20 companies in Alberta are either working in industrial biotechnology and bioprocessing, or have some overlap in bioindustrial (i.e. agricultural biotechnology, natural health products, functional ingredients, environmental biotechnology).
  • World-class infrastructure. Advanced education and research facilities, advanced manufacturing and public transportation networks.
  • Highly qualified personnel.
  • A capable and responsive research and development system, and a government focused on a greener, more sustainable economy.

An active network called BioEconomy Alberta (also called the Alberta BioE team) works to stimulate partnerships and collaboration with researchers, businesses and investors from outside the province. This large, cross-sector network includes individuals from several provincial government departments, innovation funding agencies, post-secondary institutions and industry. They have strong technical knowledge in biomaterials, biochemicals and bioenergy, and excellent business knowledge and relationships in Alberta’s biosector.

The Alberta BioE team collaborates closely to foster a supportive innovation environment, and to support and co-ordinate bio industrial initiatives. It provides a coordinated presence for Alberta at targeted trade shows and conferences.