Agricultural Business

We grow Energy.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Leduc Region. Our earliest beginnings are as an agriculture community with deep roots in agri-business. The Agri-business industry includes a number of different sub-sectors such as agriculture, seed supply, farm machinery, food processing and manufacturing, and food engineering. Each of these segments fill an important gap in the value chain, and as a group form the agribusiness economic cluster for the Leduc Region. We have a multifaceted agriculture cluster that ranges from amazing producers in grains and oilseeds to cattle ranching, small specialty greenhouse and cottage farm operations, to research and innovation in livestock, manufacturing and sales of farm equipment.

In addition, the Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator and the Leduc Food Processing Centre provides for a rich environment of the development of healthy, clean foods. This facility will be undergoing a $10 Million dollar expansion to support additional companies and new technology. Growing demandĀ for sustainable practices has encouraged the development of bio-energy products from agricultural feedstock and other biomass sources. Changing provincial regulations that mandate a reduction in carbon-intense processes and practices, have emphasized the development and use of renewable energy sources.

The Leduc Region is situated in high quality farmland, providing all of its agri-business industry players with a natural advantage. As a region initially developed to produce agricultural products, Leduc County has deep farming roots. The diverse supply of crops and livestock ensures the industry can function effectively amidst climate and price fluctuations.


Food Processing Development Centre

Agriculture is fundamental to Alberta. Linked directly to primary agriculture are Alberta’s food processing, food service and beverage industries. The food and beverage industry is Alberta’s largest secondary manufacturing industry, generating in excess of $10.0 billion in value of shipments. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, through the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, opened the Food Processing Development Centre at Leduc in 1984. It serves to encourage the growth and expansion of this vital industry in highly competitive domestic and global markets. $5.5 million expansion to the facility was completed in 2002.

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