Sam Nguyen

Sam In the face & cultivating light of challenge, Sam’s fierce spirit was born as a little one. At age four, she & her mother traveled as refugees from Vietnam to Canada. Seven days. Seven nights. No water. No food. Survival learned on the road to freedom. Nguyen, Parent-Leadership Coach

At Sam’s milestone birthday, treasured friends wrote words which spoke to her essence. Words like dynamic, limitless, thoughtful, friendly, explorer, fierce, wise and lulu were gifted.

Sam’s inner warrior propelled her through adversities. Childhood trauma. Teenage pregnancy. Losing a precious child. Two decades of single parenting. Episodes of dark depression.

Crushing & bulldozing her fears to become whole and grounded. Gates of opportunities swung open. Sam unveiled her passion for supporting others in transforming their lives. She is a professional coach with clients worldwide. She coaches clients on a variety of topics. However, she specializes in coaching parents. Her life’s mission is to shift parenting into the forefront of our consciousness so that it becomes as important as our finances, careers, and health.