Florence Murota

Florence Murota is the Founder of Brighter Financial Solutions. She believes in the strength that women can exude and pull together as a positive force to build a family, home and community. She strongly believes that a woman who can lead and nurture other women will create success in helping build each other up. Breaking ceilings and barriers is something she believes we can all do, and is not just for a chosen few.

Florence is an African Canadian mother to two daughters and one son. She has never believed in barriers and says “If I can not make it one way, there must be another way I can do things.” She believes in self-evaluation first whenever criticized, and uses it as a vehicle to grow. Being a woman comes with many challenges, and being an immigrant woman of a┬ávisible minority looking to be in business comes with even more challenges. When many would stop in their tracks and dare not to dream, Florence tackles these challenges head on.

She hopes to reach out to every woman, daughter, mother, single-mother and sister from any background, whether it be nationality, rich, poor or middle class, to understand that although individually there may not be the resources needed to realize an individual’s dreams, there is another woman out there who walked that same journey and is ready to give a hand with knowledge, contacts and supports to make the vision a reality.